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I am an artist and writer whose unconventional outlook was initially moulded by the noble Kenyan tribe I grew up alongside, without electricity, and trying to match all of that to a bizarre post-colonial environment. Living and meditating in the Indian Himalaya accentuated this pre-modern world view; hiking through West Asia to London added spice. I began writing when trying to match my open stance with the enticing, yet destructive modern existence we are only now starting to question. My education books, some broadcast by the BBC, were slanted towards environmental sensitivity, my more recent ones, illustrated with my ink drawings, attempt to encourage the reader to be positively active based on an awareness of our incredible existence.

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Timeless voices, echoes of a transformative journey, insightful, joyful, soul searching, spirit you along The Camino, tracing The Way of St James over the French Pyrenees, the enchanting vastness of Northern Spain, settle you within the jewel, Santiago de....
ISBN: 9781788764513
Published: 25 July 2018
Lightly written, but based on scientific research, this little book illustrated with the author’s walking sketches and littered with inspiring facts and proven techniques, shows how attentive walking helps us become who we wish to be. By engraining an awa....
ISBN: 9781839452086
Published: 18 February 2020
Follow the transformation of Ewan, a restrained and sceptical Englishman with a talent for drawing, who flees to India after an accidental crime. Surviving unexpected adventures filled with dangers and surprising challenges, Ewan faces unpalatable truths ....
ISBN: 9781788763998
Published: 20 June 2018
Find contentment whilst having fun as you unwind, doodling with this cheerfully illustrated book. Master calming exercises athletes and emergency workers turn to in times of stress. The soothing, informative text, based on scientific research into how the....
ISBN: 9781788764148
Published: 25 October 2018
Have fun doodling with this cheerfully illustrated book. Find contentment as you master calming exercises athletes and emergency workers turn to in times of stress. Based on scientific research into how the mind works, the soothing text presents an array ....
ISBN: 9781839452390
Published: 6 March 2020