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When her three children left school Lezlee did quite a bit of training at Hull College. She ran a Community House and several community groups as well as becoming a school governor classroom assistant and school librarian. She has always had a passion for animals and cared for many strays or unwanted pets. Lezlee supports several animal charities and takes a keen interest in the environment and occasionally goes for walks along the nearby Nature Reserve. Now retired she lives with her husband in their bungalow but still leads an active life. She is involved with the nearby Methodist church and became a local preacher. For her, the church is a very important part of life, apart from home it is where she feels safe and among friends. It is where she believes that her call for help came from when she was at her lowest ebb and more importantly where she was listened to but not judged. She also supports a charity that pays for a child to go to school in Africa. She feels education is important to all children and their future depends much on what they learn; it also lets the child know that someone loved them enough to pay for their education. Lezlee has three wonderful children and seven fantastic grandchildren as well as a loving husband. She loves to read and her favourite authors are Deryn Lake, Michael Jecks, Bruce Alexander, Ann Granger and Edward Marston. When not reading writing or at church she spends a relaxing time in her small garden.

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The book covers topics such as family, mother and daughter issues. It starts with the birth and life of Alexine's mother; then part two covers Alexines turbulent life upto meeting Simon. Part three covers Alexines life with Simon with issues touching divo....
ISBN: 9781781765227
Published: 9 July 2012
The book covers topics such as abortion, mother and daughter issues as well as touching on terminal illness. Eleanor the eldest child of Simon and Alexine hates having to share her parents with her siblings and is very headstrong. She throwns kingsize tan....
ISBN: 9781781766125
Published: 1 August 2012
The story starts on Christmas eve when Lezlee meets Noah and his dog Zerachiel in very unusual circumstances. Over the Christmas period she reveals her life history parts which are quite painful others amusing. While talking she comes to understand that a....
ISBN: 9781781767092
Published: 1 September 2012
Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of the past especially if there has been a lot of pain and trauma involved. There are many questions that require an answer and most start with the word ‘Why.’Hurt anger and resentment are always at the back of Lezl....
ISBN: 9781784076337
Published: 28 April 2014
Lezlee was born into a family living in poverty just after World War Two. At times she felt unwanted and unloved. Life was difficult because most of the time the family lived under a vast amount of stress mainly due to lack of finances and the way society....
ISBN: 9781781766217
Published: 7 August 2012
Doreen strives to do everything in the proper manner but in doing so her family starts to fall apart. The family is totally shocked when Teagan announces during the prayers of intersession on Christmas morning that her brother Kaleb is gay. From that mome....
ISBN: 9781781766224
Published: 7 August 2012