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I was born in London and educated in Hertfordshire. I currently live back in London. I am single now. I am a post graduate. My background did not really prepare me for a university education but l reserve a degree of achievement for taking my efforts to this stage when l never imagined this would happen. I have won and lost a few opportunities but it is about what a person has succeeded at. Besides nothing is ever lost is it! My working profile has included experience in horse racing albeit a long time ago. I became a teacher of English which has given me the opportunity to travel both home and abroad. I am able to speak two languages, Swedish and starter German. The first needs more practice and the second is about the level of an eager beginner. The first book l ever read off my own bat, HG Wells "The Invisible Man" was at around the age of seven one dreary rainy day at home. It fascinated me. I was always collecting themed magazines and reading encyclopaedias. I liked the pictures with the writing. My poetic side must include Ted Hughes. Of course there are many more. For the first time ever l have recently put a mini library of my own together in my humble flat. My writing through Feed-a-Read, discovered by chance, motivated me to write a thriller. I have also been a reporter. My earlier adult influences are undoubtedly due to two teachers who saw my failings and forgave. It increased my understanding of empathy for others. Thank you Kerstin, thank you Dan. Julie on the other hand introduced me to vague narrative which has given me many ideas. It is very rewarding. If on holiday l always search out the writers of that area. I am not a great follower, repeat not a great follower of Orwell's 1984. It is a little dated now. The computer age is here. I did once visit his childhood nursery to discover he was beaten as a kid and experienced an unhappy childhood. The free press l do like. My writing pattern is to do something every day. I enjoy keeping reasonably fit, public speaking, comedy and drama. I have been a member of the Royal Army Medical Core for a short while as well as a support teacher for the RAF. In both cases it changed my outlook on life in a way l have no regrets over. My parents both served in the forces too. I enjoy all things media and treat writing as an art. With one thousand words for my biography l shall update it from time to time. I currently have four books 1. A Strange Justice (Fiction Thriller) 2. Bull (Fiction Thriller) 3. Essays Unexpected (Education)4.Every Little Helps (Student Essays) Most recently l got something right as much as wrong, 1. A Strange Justice. A revised version now has an updated 2017 copyright notice. 2. Bull is currently being revised.. 3. Essays Unexpected (with a novel midway though) has an entry where l discuss wild grammars such as Prosparkleology. Now updated. 4. Every Little Helps. Now revised with a second edition. Hope this indicates my acknowledgement to the reader. I am also aware of my choice of spelling on occasion in BULL. Rewrites are a chore but once l get started l am able to tidy up.Apart from typos in newspapers or reuters l often come across job adverts offering posts with many mistakes. I have discussed this in Unexpected Essays in my efforts to perfect as much as l can. I am only human after all. I do all my own proof reading due to ridiculous prices. Overall l am being honest anyway. Shall continue to update from time to time.

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