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Philip (Michael) Gilliver was constructed in a laboratory in Wolverhampton. He escaped to Wrexham in North Wales the moment his limbs functioned correctly. Here in the wonderful Welsh wilderness (check out the alliteration there!) he works at the enormously interesting task of trying to put words in exactly the right order for an expecting open-mouthed readership. So far he has been successful at putting together a Young Adult thriller entitled 'Projector', an illustrated children's comedy containing a cheese-chomping, guitar-strumming Tyrannosaurus Rex, various twisted shorts and a supernatural comedy with the somewhat whimsical title 'A Tale of Two Brians.'

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Jack and Ross are dead; two brothers suddenly immersed in a dark world, where darkness falls at an instant, everywhere you turn, there is a horrible creature that wants to destroy your soul, and there is always a gateway to something worse.Jack knows ther....
ISBN: 9781788761598
Published: 6 December 2017
Our clueless T.Rex, J.J. is back in a new adventure, and all he wants to do is get the locals of El Cheesey to like him. With his magic guitar, Bridget, he really tries, but when she is stolen, what is he to do? Luckily, the very next day a door-to-door s....
ISBN: 9781803020198
Published: 18 June 2021
Meet JJ, a cheese-chomping, Tyrannosaurus Rex with dreams of being a rock star in Great Britain. But how is that going to work if everybody is scared of him?Disguised as a banana, he stows away on a cargo ship bound for the UK where he meets a man who pro....
ISBN: 9781803020013
Published: 4 June 2021
Meet Horatio Spanner, the worst Spacefleet there ever was. Read as they chug through the galaxy at warp 0.00000000001 on the HMS Reject taking the Earth's rubbish to the planet Tipsillion. When they receive a distress call from the Nurgs of planet Nurg th....
ISBN: 9781803020204
Published: 18 June 2021
The Zartangs have come to earth; an intergalactic shopping empire bent on turning humanity into meat to sell on to other worlds.Adrian Lotterby, a recently sacked shelf-stacker, alcoholic, and general lazy person is the only one who isn't under the contro....
ISBN: 9781803020228
Published: 25 June 2021