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Maria lives in London and loves historical research. She is fascinated by social history - particularly LGBT history - and enjoys writing up the often hidden histories that she uncovers.

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Sex between men was regarded particularly negatively throughout the First World War and considered both immoral and unpatriotic. Both military and civil authorities were keen to clamp down on gay sexual activity leading to a string of arrests and prosecut....
ISBN: 9781786107220
Published: 10 February 2016
This guide describes a short walk of about four miles from Wendover station and points out some of the things you will see on the way encouraging you to take an interest in both the wildlife and history of the area.
ISBN: 9781786101266
Published: 11 September 2015
Whilst generally restrained in print when it came to writing about sexuality, by 1900 Horatio Robert Forbes Brown was confident enough to release his collection of poems composed over a period of many years – Drift. It was published in London by Grant Ric....
ISBN: 9781786974488
Published: 4 November 2016
The church of St James the Great lies on the busy Lower Clapton Road, surrounded by buildings, and most of those who pass by probably don’t give it a second glance. It is open for services, but generally not at other times. Four First World War memorials ....
ISBN: 9781786101204
Published: 11 September 2015
During the Tudor period, people increasingly saw the value of education both for themselves and for their children. This was mainly because they realised that there was an increasing demand for literate people to fill a wide variety of bureaucratic positi....
ISBN: 9781839454349
Published: 2 September 2020
Robert Lewis Roumieu is one of the architects who have contributed to making London what it is today. We are fortunate that enough of his work remains for us to appreciate his talents. In his willingness not only to draw on the past but to be playful and ....
ISBN: 9781786979896
Published: 9 September 2017
Like most people, Freddie hovers only on the periphery of history and it is true (and frustrating) that much of his life is unrecorded and remains a matter of conjecture. Previously in print he has appeared merely as a minor character in the story of Robb....
ISBN: 9781786971258
Published: 7 July 2016
The Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 included the notorious Section 11 that criminalised male homosexuality and imposed a maximum penalty of two years for gross indecency making all sexual expressions of gay desire illegal. 1895 saw the high profile pro....
ISBN: 9781785107511
Published: 7 May 2015
Imagine going back to 1911 and finding out about everyone living in this middle class Hackney Road. Now you can.
ISBN: 9781785107528
Published: 7 May 2015
In 1902 an article by Robert Baldwin Ross was published which discussed the ‘Oxford manner’ and aimed to identify its features. It proved to be an enjoyable little read and, like some of his other writing, deserves to be better known. Robbie himself – as ....
ISBN: 9781785105265
Published: 9 February 2015
From the mid 1840s onwards my ancestors would no longer make a living working the land and it was my 3 x great grandparents George and Mary Fullick who took the first step away from the countryside when they moved from the village of East Worldham, where ....
ISBN: 9781786970343
Published: 9 June 2016
My great great grandfather George Fullick was one of four brothers who moved to the East End of London in the 1860s. They made this journey along with many others and it was in London that my Fullick ancestors become connected with others who had also mig....
ISBN: 9781786970664
Published: 14 June 2016
The first volume in a family history series gives a vivid account of the life of Edmund Fullick and his family
ISBN: 9781785109997
Published: 29 July 2015
Thomas Fullick was baptised on 15 April 1766 in Headley in Hampshire. He was the son of John and Jane Fullick and spent his life farming in the Hampshire countryside. He is my 4 x great grandfather and this is the story of his life.
ISBN: 9781786970091
Published: 26 May 2016
This book traces the story of the Fullick family through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries continuing the story begun in the first volume of the series. This readable and informative book sets one particular family in a wider social context so will....
ISBN: 9781786107237
Published: 10 February 2016
Three years before the First World War, Walter Edwin Ledger, gardener, book collector, and enthusiastic yachtsman, harvested his tulip bulbs and then spent the summer sailing his boat, the 'Blue Bird', through the Norfolk Broads. Back home he wrote a deli....
ISBN: 9781785105685
Published: 24 February 2015
An account of the life of a gay man who was fascinated by Oscar Wilde. He lived passionately and committed himself to causes with considerable enthusiasm as he negotiated the challenges of living in late nineteenth and early twentieth century England.
ISBN: 9781784077938
Published: 17 June 2014