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Love Unbound by Seasons is a collection of the authors/Poet's poem. The book is filled with love from a presence of romantic poetry to eternal love.It is anticipated that the book will be a great resource to many people across the globe. There are many po....
ISBN: 9781784073770
Published: 4 February 2014
The novel tells the story of Tom Mura, a young teacher, poet, novelist and short story writer whose knowledge, skill, selflessness, moral and ethical values raise him into the stature of the light of Kibogo (an imaginary country in Africa) in the midst of....
ISBN: 9781784074395
Published: 27 February 2014
THE LION SHALL LIE WITH THE LAMB, is a comic but engaging, serious but romantic, ironic but direct, thought provoking novel, that tells the story of Nanse Monica, a young lady lawyer who quits her lucrative job in the corporate world (and good income as a....
ISBN: 9781784073374
Published: 23 January 2014