Competition to Win a Bloomsbury Editor Critique - Publisher of JK Rowling

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Tuesday May 3, 2016 at 8:15pm
The winner of the following competition is David Ryan. Many congratulations to David. We will let members know when we launch our next competition. The following free-to-enter competition to win a Bloomsbury Editor critique is open until 31st July 2016. There is also another separate competition to win a Bloomsbury Editor critique which you can enter by clicking here

How to Enter: Simply read a brief extract from each of the 6 books below and enter your favourite 3 extracts as detailed below. All nationalities are welcome to enter. You are also welcome to publish your own book through FeedARead too. It is free to set up and sell your book as a bookstore quality paperback direct through FeedARead, or £88 to sell through other major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Waterstones with high royalties for your book. We pay higher royalties than the largest publishers.

To read the extracts, click on the links below and then the button you will see to view the extract. Then, enter the name of the 3 book extracts you liked the best in the 'Comment' box under  'Leave a Comment' below and click the Submit Comment button. You do not need to fill out the ‘website’ field below. It's as simple to enter as that.

There is one prize of one critique from a Bloomsbury Editor. The winner of the competition will be chosen at random from the correct entries and that winner's name will be displayed here by the end of the third week of August 2016. The winner will receive the Bloomsbury editor critique for up to the first 7,000 words of their novel. The result announced will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Closing date for entries is 31st July 2016.

Book 1 Herman the Oh So Naughty Bull Click to View
This story was written for all those little children who don't understand were daddy went. The moral of the story is that we truly do not know what we are losing until its lost.

Book 2 The Story Teller Gene Click to View
Is there life after death? Maybe, maybe not. This book, written using past life therapy as the medium to obtain these stories traces lives connected with a love of words and the magic of storytelling. The gene starts its long journey way back in the legendary time at the destruction of Atlantis and ends with a very real event, the horror of Hiroshima having passed through many places and eras such as in a Roman soldier, a slave in Barbados, the siege of Montsegeur and an American Indian to name but a few.

Book 3 White Bird Under the Sun Click to View
In this charming story of an idyllic African boyhood, the author takes you on a journey through Africa that will warm your heart, as you share the joy and travails of childhood. Although based on the authors own upbringing, the book is not pitched as an autobiography but rather a passage, where the author shares with you the wonder of Africa as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

Book 4 The Diamond Makers Click to View 
The discovery of a method for making very large gem diamonds from rare earth minerals mined on a tract of land owned by the protagonist of this novel, a simple village girl from Cameroon, but controlled by a Congolese war lord, may be the salvation of a perilous expedition deep into the jungle.

Book 5 The Hunt Click to View 
Sixteen year-old Nim spends hours and days playing the hunt on multiple screens in his bedroom. His mother, Samir, is convinced he is addicted. His father, Cush, a detective who works in the massive local government bureaucracy at the floating Krawczyk building, is more sympathetic. The Very Big Crash has marooned the family in an old mocky Tudor house in a lower suburbs estate terrorized by roving feral gangs of Europeans and a mysterious group of estate bombers.

Book 6 Sparrowlegs Click to View
Malcolm Thomas is a struggling young footballer, who's desperate for new friends. He's horrifed when an old, disabled man moves in next door,as he was expecting a family of 'football mad' brothers. However, Malcolm soon discovers his new neighbour was once a footballer himself...who has an incredible secret!


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