Are There Really Men Like That -- Jen

The long awaited sequel to "Are There Really Men Like That – Marge" Jen struggles to maintain a normal relationship with Marge while Ron seems closer to Jerry than ever. It isn't until Jen remembers she's not always been faithful herself that she can cut Marge the slack she need to normalize the relationship and she eventually learns that Mark isn't so much the bad guy as she thought. The guys take up bowling and introduce Hank, Mark's college roommate into the group. When the girls join the bowling team, Jen worries about a flirtatious friendship with the new guy in the picture. Ron encourages her to give as good as she gets and she soon enjoys the naughty feeling of exchanging innuendos with him. Just as it seems she is coming to grips with it all and life will again become mundane, Ron throws a wrench in the works and Jen finds herself facing the very same challenges as Marge, wondering the same things about Ron as she did Jerry. She now must deal with Hank on a whole new level. Can Jen be successful where Marge failed? And should she fail, can she and Ron survive?
ISBN: 9781784076382
Type: Paperback
Pages: 242
Published: 28 April 2014
Price: $12.65

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