Poke Her Night

It all starts with an unpayable debt owed to Gary. Betty was incensed when her husband, Ryan, negotiating to settle the loan, offered a night with her to settle the debt. She wanted revenge… she knew Ryan to be possessive, so what better way to get it than to go for it and rub the SOB's nose in it. She was sure that he'd intervene before they could do the deed, but his honor wouldn't let him. To her surprise she likes it and would happily do it again. “You don’t suppose your husband would be fool enough to borrow another $500 from me next game?” he asked. “We could hope,” she answered. Ryan wanted her to forget it. She did try to forget, but didn’t really. It was a night of ecstasy and passion. How was she supposed to forget it? Then poker night takes an odd turn when another poker buddy promises his wife she can sleep with the big winner of the night, and then loses to Gary. She recruits the others to lobby to have all the hostesses sleep with the big winner
ISBN: 9781784079277
Type: Paperback
Pages: 94
Published: 28 July 2014
Price: $7.95

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