Are There Really Men Like That -- Marge

Jen is best friends with Marge; the wife of her husband, Ron's best friend Jerry. One day while leaving Marge and Jerry's house, Jen overhears a conversation that revels Marge has cuckolded her husband. "'The cuckold wants to know if you're bringing me home or are we going to your place tonight," was the line that Jen overheard and it brought her up short. Is it for real? Just what the hell is a "cuckold?" Her husband Ron has to look it up online. The definition causes Jen to ask, "Are there really men like that?" Ron is of the opinion that she misunderstood. However, circumstances cause Jen to confirm she didn't misunderstand anything and it is very much for real. After she discovered it was for real she confronts Marge and listens with disbelief as Marge explains how she ended up cuckolding her husband. Marge reveals her wild sexuality in college, a past that Jen never knew about and then goes into detail about Mark, the man who helped her cuckold Jerry. What's most shocking of all is Jerry's complacency and culpability in the story. It's this last that Jen finds hard to believe, but in the end she must.
ISBN: 9781784075385
Type: Paperback
Pages: 229
Published: 26 March 2014
Price: $12.65

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