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I'm a senior citizen (semi-retired) who enjoys reading and writing erotic fiction. None of my stories actually happened, to the best of my knowledge. I grew up in and around Portland Oregon and still live in the Pacific Northwest. Most of my stories will take place there, though literary license may be taken with names and locations of places (actual or fictional) mentioned in my books. I am happily married and nearing my 50th wedding anniversary. I enjoy time with my grandchildren, and walks on the beach with my ever lovin'

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The long awaited sequel to "Are There Really Men Like That – Marge"Jen struggles to maintain a normal relationship with Marge while Ron seems closer to Jerry than ever. It isn't until Jen remembers she's not always been faithful herself that she can cut M....
ISBN: 9781784076382
Published: 28 April 2014
Jen is best friends with Marge; the wife of her husband, Ron's best friend Jerry. One day while leaving Marge and Jerry's house, Jen overhears a conversation that revels Marge has cuckolded her husband. "'The cuckold wants to know if you're bringing me ho....
ISBN: 9781784075385
Published: 26 March 2014
Lucinda and George move into a new neighborhood and in order to make friends start attending the monthly dances sponsored by the HOA. George doesn't do ballroom dancing, but Luce loves it. The solution: Luce dances with the neighbor's husbands a practice ....
ISBN: 9781784075064
Published: 10 March 2014
It all starts with an unpayable debt owed to Gary. Betty was incensed when her husband, Ryan, negotiating to settle the loan, offered a night with her to settle the debt. She wanted revenge… she knew Ryan to be possessive, so what better way to get it tha....
ISBN: 9781784079277
Published: 28 July 2014