City of Fire and Ice

The two stories that began in City of Stone come together in the City of Fire and Ice. The Princess Mary has landed in Scotland, to claim her throne. The Queen lies dying, poisoned, and between the Princess and the palace stands a rebel army of Highlanders, led by the Red One. Ventglove’s rag-tag troupe of strays is on the road too, fleeing Edinburgh. They rescued the boy, Alexander, and now they are carrying the star stone, stolen from the Magister. That stone contains the trapped power of the Fallen Angel, destroyed by Alexander. But its terrible energy draws life from whoever carries it. The Magister’s plan to use the stone against his enemies has been halted, but can he reclaim it? If he succeeds he will turn Edinburgh into a City of Fire and Ice by waking the volcano beneath. Can Ventglove and his companions prevent this, and can they save the Princess from the demon-haunted assassin who pursues her? Warring armies, assassins, demons and angels, slaughter in the corridors of the Palace. The City of Fire and Ice moves at breath-taking pace to bring to an end on the Castle mound a story begun in Edinburgh’s dark streets.
ISBN: 9781785106255
Type: Paperback
Pages: 501
Published: 17 March 2015
Price: $14.95

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