City of Stone

In the cellars beneath the High Street a Fallen Angel is caged in a prison made of star metal. In the narrow ways that thread the City the Dragon stalks his victims. On the high roads the Red One makes war for his Master. In the corridors of the Royal Palace a pale assassin hunts the Princess. Edinburgh 1570 Scotland's first City. A City of stone and magic. A City encircled by the Flodden Wall, built to keep the English at bay, but now protecting and binding. Three powers rule the City of Stone. • The Queen’s Government, Lords of the Congregation. • The New Kirk, led by the fanatical witchseeker, John Knox. • The Craftsmen’s Guild, under the demonic Magister. In the City of Stone death and darkness stalk the closes, factions struggle for mastery and the Dragon feeds his hunger. As the battle for control of Throne and country rages outside the City, the Great Project moves to a terrible climax, and Edinburgh becomes the City of Fire and Ice. The Great Project is a dark fantasy told over two novels. Book 1: City of Stone Book 2: City of Fire and Ice
ISBN: 9781784077419
Type: Paperback
Pages: 316
Published: 6 June 2014
Price: $12.95

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