The Beleaguered City

Mary has been Queen for two years. And they have been the hardest two years of her life. Her country is divided, famine threatens and Scotland’s enemies are gathering. Her own Lords covet her throne, and with a spy in her household she struggles to know who she can trust. In an effort to win the loyalty of her rebel lords Mary begins a journey through her own kingdom, under the protection of the only men she has complete faith in, the Lords Herries and Bothwell. But can they save her from what is coming? Four men ride out of England. They are hired assassins, cold-eyed killers, a deadly hurricane. Can anything prevent them from carrying out their mission? Can anything prevent them from reaching the Queen? Tertia and Alexander are on the road again as well, selling their potions, scraping a living. They meet with a strange group, Cat and her two mad Vikings and her odd little family. Are Cat’s people really the simple travellers they claim to be, or are they something else altogether? And what do they want from Tertia and Alexander, besides their company? Three sets of travellers. Three roads travelled. Somewhere they will meet, in an explosive and murderous finale which will determine the future of Scotland, her monarch and her people. And meanwhile, in the City, a shadow rises again.
ISBN: 9781788765954
Type: Paperback
Pages: 680
Published: 13 November 2018
Price: $15.95

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