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The two stories that began in City of Stone come together in the City of Fire and Ice. The Princess Mary has landed in Scotland, to claim her throne. The Queen lies dying, poisoned, and between the Princess and the palace stands a rebel army of Highlander....
ISBN: 9781785106255
Published: 17 March 2015
In the cellars beneath the High Street a Fallen Angel is caged in a prison made of star metal. In the narrow ways that thread the City the Dragon stalks his victims. On the high roads the Red One makes war for his Master. In the corridors of the Royal Pal....
ISBN: 9781784077419
Published: 6 June 2014
Mary has been Queen for two years. And they have been the hardest two years of her life. Her country is divided, famine threatens and Scotland’s enemies are gathering. Her own Lords covet her throne, and with a spy in her household she struggles to know w....
ISBN: 9781788765954
Published: 13 November 2018
Edinburgh, the Perilous City. Stalked by fear, tainted by plague. A City where beggars and whores are branded. A City where bodies are dumped on the streets, murdered and mutilated. The Perilous City. Into this City come Jack and Rennie, two old-salts tie....
ISBN: 9781786108821
Published: 15 April 2016