Fire and Ice

In the six months since the Battle of Senlac Hill near Hastings life has changed in almost every part of Britain. Even the most sleepy village has felt the loss of a loved one but for Juliana she has lost her brother during the battle and now her beloved father, killed at home where he should have been safe. First a Norman knight by the name of Sir Richard de Gant claims the land and then Juliana as his prize. A Saxon mercenary, Ulfric, fighting for the Normans and friend of King William is given title to the land in Bertone (Barton upon Humber) which means de Gant is forced to concede to Ulfric but his desperate measures to win Juliana lead to dire consequences. Follow the story of Juliana, descended from a strong Saxon/ Norse bloodline survives brutality and sadness to find her future with the man she loves.
ISBN: 9781782994176
Type: Paperback
Pages: 168
Published: 9 May 2013
Price: $11.95

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