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I began writing about seven years ago when I was absent from work with a frozen shoulder. Spindrift was my first attempt at a novel and then Polly's Small Town War came quickly afterwards. I was inspired by stories my mum told of war time Barton upon Humber where I was born, and then wrote Polly's Homecoming as a sequel. I have now completed Ellie, my fourth novel which is available in paperback and on Kindle.

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Left on the doorstep of a foundling home whilst still a baby; Eloise Curtis grows up thinking herself an orphan. A twist of fate and the death of her best friend give her a new name and a new life, but she is caught between her employer’s spiteful bad tem....
ISBN: 9781781766170
Published: 1 August 2012
In the six months since the Battle of Senlac Hill near Hastings life has changed in almost every part of Britain. Even the most sleepy village has felt the loss of a loved one but for Juliana she has lost her brother during the battle and now her beloved ....
ISBN: 9781782994176
Published: 9 May 2013
This story is the long-awaited sequel to 'Ellie' and follows the life of her daughters, Hope (who is adopted) and Grace (her natural daughter). Ellie returns from honeymoon with her new husband, Simon, and they settle into their new home together. Eventua....
ISBN: 9781785102165
Published: 28 October 2014
Polly and Chris return to Barton after the war. Whereas Chris has returned unscathed, Laura's husband, George has not. George is often ill and resents being the poor relation, but the strain is too much and he cracks. Polly and Laura resume their close re....
ISBN: 9781849234801
Published: 1 November 2011
Small town life can be just as eventful as city life especially during World War Two. Polly Hardcastle lives in Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire with her sister Laura, and Laura's overbearing and often violent husband, Sean. She leaves school at the end o....
ISBN: 9781849231800
Published: 1 November 2011
Samantha Willis gets up one morning and finds her husband, Tim, has packed his bags and was on his way out of her life forever. He tells her to go and live in her grandmother’s old house, which Sam has owned and let out for many years, as he is going to s....
ISBN: 9781785106095
Published: 9 March 2015
As the threat of redundancy looms, Sarah Cooper discovers 'Spindrift' a beautiful Cornish cottage has been left to her by her great aunt. When she visits the property she meets, and is immediately attracted to, the handsome solicitor, Daniel, who is deali....
ISBN: 9781849231237
Published: 6 June 2012
The Reluctant Angel and other stories is a collection of six short stories covering many aspects of life, told in a light-hearted way. Tea/Coffee breaks with this book will make you think as well as smile, some told from a Christian perspective on life, t....
ISBN: 9781784074425
Published: 27 February 2014