Hope and Grace

This story is the long-awaited sequel to 'Ellie' and follows the life of her daughters, Hope (who is adopted) and Grace (her natural daughter). Ellie returns from honeymoon with her new husband, Simon, and they settle into their new home together. Eventually, a life of ease begins to pall for them both and they each become involved in their own projects. Ellie, due to her past, is interested in helping children and finds an infant who has been abandoned at the orphanage. She takes the orphanage under her charge, and together with Billy, her brother, they begin to put right the welfare of the children. After adopting Hope, Ellie finds she is pregnant herself and is delighted to have both children to care for. Simon finds he is unable to continue with his chosen profession, due to illness which goes undiagnosed for years. This takes its toll on their family life and arguments and frustration soon become part of their lives. When Hope is grown up she finally discovers who her real father is and, although shocked, is happy to accept him into her life. Grace, meanwhile, meets her handsome minister and they both go off to help the injured in the Sudan. Hope meets a dashing stranger who entices her away to join Buffalo Bill's circus as a rider. Ellie is lost without her children but they both have their own adventures while Ellie finds her old friend Marko needs her.
ISBN: 9781785102165
Type: Paperback
Pages: 144
Published: 28 October 2014
Price: $10.25

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