Something Old, Something New

Samantha Willis gets up one morning and finds her husband, Tim, has packed his bags and was on his way out of her life forever. He tells her to go and live in her grandmother’s old house, which Sam has owned and let out for many years, as he is going to sell their current house. He is going to start a new life in Australia with his girlfriend, Fliss, who is expecting a baby. After the initial shock, Sam moves into her grandmother’s old house and asks a young man, who she thinks is a gardener, to remove the weeds in her overgrown walled garden. The young man is Luke, who is actually an archaeologist, but he is sufficiently interested in Sam to play along. The story follows Sam on her journey to happiness, peppered with Tim’s reappearance, and the consequences of too many spritzers for a beginner, to a cliff-hanging finish (literally) and a new life with a new family.
ISBN: 9781785106095
Type: Paperback
Pages: 162
Published: 9 March 2015
Price: $11.95

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