Flag McAndrew

When young Inglis McAndrew received the letter from the Admiralty, telling him that due to increasing use of guided missiles, fighter pilots would no longer be required, he was devastated. So he ran off to the Merchant Navy and went to sea as a Cadet on board Forth Venturer. Along with Big John Souter, Aussie, Jimmy and the mysterious Donkeyman, Inglis began to get his first taste of real life. From the seedy sex clubs of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg to Gibraltar signal station, Inglis received a better education than any school or university could offer. Falling in love in Sweden, badly beaten up in Norway, and playing a trick, which seriously backfired, on the Captain, his life was full of new experiences. But one of the great lessons he did learn was this: You can sail the seas, swim in them and enjoy them, but you can never tame them. They're always waiting to catch you off guard. In this coming of age story we find ourselves engrossed with all the trials and tribulations that a seventeen year old good Scottish Baptist boy can take.
ISBN: 9781908481931
Type: Paperback
Pages: 248
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.65

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