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I was born and brought up in St Andrews, Scotland. Gained my HLC at Madras College before joining the Merchant Navy as navigating cadet, to get away from my nasty stepmother. Left after a year, and studied Economics at Scottish College of Commerce - London School of Economics external BSc, but ran out of money. Worked as bus conductor on Glasgow Corporation double decker, before joining the Army - which became my other university. Ended up as regimental instructor in Artillery Survey, Sound Ranger, gun number on 25-pounder and artillery mortar; radar operator, radio operator. Qualified as marksman, plus courses in civil defence and demolitions. Started diploma course in business admin. Left the army after 3 years, and while seeking other employment drove an icecream van, finding my own market around Salisbury; then as a woodsman in the Scottish glens. Finally received a civil engineering 'apprenticeship' in the north of Scotland. Started as chainman labourer and worked up - through every department - to area engineer. On the way completed the diploma in business admin and another in civil engineering. Emigrated to Australia, since when I have been project manager on major projects in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and PNG. Currently semi-retired. My PNG wife stole/misused most of my money, so I built my ‘home made’ house on a block I’d bought ten years earlier, in a village in the hills of Papua New Guinea - before she could get what was left. I have been desperately trying to support my two adopted kids, with no pension, no Social Security, and very little work – companies simply do not employ 75-year-old construction project managers. I’m not just some writer with time on his hands, supported by a benevolent government until his books are sold. I absolutely NEED to sell my books, but I’m no kind of salesman. Nevertheless, the books are not rubbish. I’ve had some good reviews, including a rave review on ‘Gross Britain’. This is in no way begging, just an attempt to explain my current situation. I realise also that it’s almost impossible for people living in affluent societies to fully understand my position – literally earn or die. Please buy a book and help feed my adopted PNG kids

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When young Inglis McAndrew received the letter from the Admiralty, telling him that due to increasing use of guided missiles, fighter pilots would no longer be required, he was devastated. So he ran off to the Merchant Navy and went to sea as a Cadet on b....
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Published: 1 November 2011
A multi-ethnic group of SAS men is set the task of unearthing terrorists in Isle of Man, and South East Asia, as Britain disintegrates. They uncover a web of intrigue going far beyond a few isolated bombings and shootings. It comes to light that a new and....
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ISBN: 9781785106958
Published: 14 April 2015
This is the story of my 9 months in a Malay kampong [village] house, in Kelantan, the strictest Moslem State of Malaysia, while my Eurasian wife was in coma.
ISBN: 9781907986741
Published: 1 November 2011
Back in 1985 Braid Anderson was not having the best of times financially; he wasn’t broke, but could use more work. Therefore the offer of a good rate of pay for relatively little work was too good to turn down. But that’s what he should have done. The jo....
ISBN: 9781785101137
Published: 23 September 2014