Tropical Trial

Back in 1985 Braid Anderson was not having the best of times financially; he wasn’t broke, but could use more work. Therefore the offer of a good rate of pay for relatively little work was too good to turn down. But that’s what he should have done. The job was collecting a large drilling barge, nut nobody told him it was in Indonesian waters. The whole crew were arrested by the Indonesians and thrown in jail. The author chronicles in some detail the bribes that had to be paid, the conditions in which he and his crewmates had to live and the difficulty they faced in finding out when their ‘case’ would come to trial; or even what they would be charged with. A day by day account is given in which characters change and the true personalities of the crew emerge; it is an indication of the skill brought to the chronicling of this six month period that the narrative is fresh and fascinating from beginning to end. This is a book that captivates from the outset and keeps the reader firmly in its grip until the very end.
ISBN: 9781785101137
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 23 September 2014
Price: $12.95

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