Gross Britain

A multi-ethnic group of SAS men is set the task of unearthing terrorists in Isle of Man, and South East Asia, as Britain disintegrates. They uncover a web of intrigue going far beyond a few isolated bombings and shootings. It comes to light that a new and deadly form of the HIV virus is being carried by high-class call-girls, selling their ‘favours’ to world political leaders. Not only that, a General Election looms in Man and there´s a plot brewing to assassinate the President. The new Indonesian military strongman intends to take over Man on behalf of al Qaeda. He has employed the services of the top Hong Kong assassin to kill Man's President on the eve of the Island's elections. At the same time, a new French nuclear submarine is heading towards the Indian Ocean with a deadly payload and instructions to launch.... The action starts on the first page and never lets up as the plot evolves; once started, you'll really want to see what happens next, right to the end. Features Hakka the Headhunter, chief torturer for GORM, and others you'll love to hate.
ISBN: 9781781761960
Type: Paperback
Pages: 403
Published: 3 April 2012
Price: $14.45

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