A Religious Mystery based on stories taken from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The year is 2025. The seven most sought-after religious artifacts from the time of Jesus Christ and before are discovered in the Holy Land. The sinners who find the relics soon realize these treasures have mystical powers. To unleash and control this godly power, each "Finder" must first understand the history of each relic. Travel back in time to experience the events which produced each antiquity. Ride on Noah’s Ark, walk through the Red Sea with Moses to evade capture by the Pharaoh, and sit with Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper. Watch God unleash his wrath on the infidels who create the golden calf and watch Jesus take his last breath on the cross. See these events and others through the eyes of those who were there. Then, fast-forward to the future to witness the Finders deal with their newfound power. Will they realize the significance of their discoveries? And will they become a force for Good or surrender to the temptations of Evil? Read volume 1 of FOUND and begin the journey to either the end of the world or its salvation.
ISBN: 9781839459757
Type: Paperback
Pages: 248
Published: 25 May 2021
Price: $12.99

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