Killing Gimpy

In the early '60s, a group of teenagers from the west side of Detroit, cross paths and match wits with some of the most interesting people of their time. Whether it's Fidel Castro, Stevie Wonder, Lucky Luciano, Lee Iacocca or midget wrestlers with a wrestling bear named Molly, the kids use their spunk and creativity to foil enemies and help their friends. Their fun and antics come to an abrupt halt when one gang member is murdered along with seven hoods from the Detroit Mafia. Neglect and incompetence by the Detroit P.D. put the investigation into the “cold case” file. NOLA, the only girl in the gang, refuses to accept this outcome. With the help of other gang members and a retired homicide detective, she launches a new investigation to identify the bizarre murderers and their motives. Killing Gimpy will appeal to fans of murder mysteries and anyone who enjoys a good thriller with quirky characters who routinely stumble into strange situations. Young adults to the elderly will be entertained with their unusual antics, pranks, and escapades all interwoven with historical events and characters.
ISBN: 9781839459764
Type: Paperback
Pages: 434
Published: 24 May 2021
Price: $13.99

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