The ButtPutty Gang-Versus Evil

Nola uncovers enough circumstantial evidence to identify the killers responsible for the mass murder at Thomas's house on Devil's Night. What she is unsure of is their motive. The only way the teenage detective can bring them to justice is by getting their confessions. Without an admission of guilt, the District Attorney won't bring charges. She makes a bold and daring attempt to trick the killers into admitting their guilt. The plan backfires when they attack her and Mike. The quick-thinking Detective Jensen gets them to the hospital before they die from a barbiturate overdose. The killers are in the clear until one of them mistakenly kidnaps another ButtPutty gang member and holds him hostage at Fort Apache. The lead killer races there to undo the mess his thugs created. Nola and her crew make their way to the fort to rescue their fellow gang member. And three police departments rush there to prevent a bloodbath. The showdown at Fort Apache is the hairraising climax to bring Gimpy's killers to justice. But after the police storm the fort and the last bullet is fired, everyone is surprised to find what is hidden at the fort and who disappeared.
ISBN: 9781803020723
Type: Paperback
Pages: 322
Published: 29 July 2021
Price: $13.95

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