Foundling is a novel about the trials, and tribulations of two young women, who find themselves in the 'family way' by no real fault of their own. It charts, the events, involving, and surrounding the lives of these two young women, culminating in the involvement of a court judge, who is given the task of evaluating all of the evidence, and deciding where the child is better off, and making a ruling. Keisha is underage, when she decides to have sex, with her boyfriend Danny, because she feels that she loves him, and doesn't want him to ditch her, for her best friend, Sarah Croft, who is also his lover. Danny is responsible, he uses a condom, but he doesn't put it on correctly, resulting in the condom failing during the act. Sarah is date raped, drugged using GHB she is taken, from a nightclub, where she is helping her friend celebrate her eighteenth birthday, to a house, by two men, who, whilst she is under the influence, of the drug, both rape her. Then as they are 'dumping' Sarah, a third man, who's drunk, happens along, and he 'takes his turn, having been given the impression that her permission for the act, had been procured by the other two. It hadn't, and so he too had raped her. Sarah falls pregnant, but is suffering with PTSD, and her mental state isn't good. She had the baby, be caesarean, eight weeks prematurely. This sets up a conflict, in her, that she can barely cope with. Having intended, from the start, to have her baby adopted, enabling her to continue on to uni', she underestimates the power of love, and as time goes on, she starts to realise that she IS a mother, and that she won't be able to bear being parted from her child, who makes it clear that she wants to stay with her mummy blob. So when it comes, before the judge, Sarah cannot do anything but....
ISBN: 9781803025926
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 252
Published: 12 August 2022
Price: $19.45

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