(The Imitation Heroes book 3) Hesh

Hesh is the third part of The Imitation Heroes trilogy. First we see that Hesh was also damaged by the deception, but she finds a way to cope. She writes her book, and whilst at school makes two movies, and becomes very famous for them. She doesn't see the other Chrissie until six months after returning from the mission, but the two of them soon become firm friends again. Hesh goes through school, and passes her exams, but before that Princess Chrissie has a job for her, a first contact mission to planet Earth. After that is finished and her exams are in the bag, and after the princess has delivered her speech to the UN, Hesh traces her family tree, to unravel a family mystery, and in so doing discovers that she is related to Chrissie. Hesh's involvement with Earth wanes, but when Chrissie is killed, it all falls to Hesh, and Chrissies' heiress. Sorting out planet Earth, ending the Middle East crisis, bring North Korea to book, ending corruption in Africa, and bringing an end to poverty...should be easy!
ISBN: 9781784074210
Type: Paperback
Pages: 443
Published: 18 February 2014
Price: $14.45

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