How I found peace of mind after 41 years of alcohol and drug use and abuse

By John G Tyce and John Tyce and Alison Jack
Part 2 will be easier for me as I have learnt a lot and that will be 1983 onwards when I was coming to the end of my heroin addiction to 1995. Part 3 where I move to Essex and I accumulated another 44 court conviction, 11 more prison sentences all from alcohol and become homeless and sleeping in church porches and grave yards etc for 3 years also including 1980 when I stop all alcohol and drugs and up to where I will be then which will be 2014 sometime. A song which I am very fond of is Holding Back The Years by Mick Hucknall and Simply Red. When I was well into the drugs I always thought it had to come to an end one day, and death never seemed to be a reality. It’s only since I’ve been clean I’ve realised how precious life is.
ISBN: 9781784075002
Type: Paperback
Pages: 128
Published: 10 March 2014
Price: $12.89

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