How I found peace of mind after 41 years of alcohol and drug use and abuse

By John Graham Tyce and John Tyce and John Tyce
Introduction I would like to think as a result of writing this story that someone with or without an alcohol or drug problem or someone who knows someone with a problem could get some hope from my Story. If you read this story to the end without me boring you to much I would like to be able to show a very simple message although I don't know what the message will be yet but it is possible to have a good life and enjoy the simple things in life without alcohol or drugs so my story is a tale of caution. My alcohol and drug use and abuse lasted for 41 years I am going to have to refer to my CRB ( criminal records bureau ) to help to guide me and help me remember. In the real world I must have caused a lot of heartache and suffering to a lot of people from my close family who I love dearly. To the shops and their workers who I stole from to feed my habit. What I have today which is peace of mind and contentment there is no alcohol or drug that could ever replace
ISBN: 9781784075279
Type: Paperback
Pages: 136
Published: 18 March 2014
Price: $12.89

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