I found peace of mind after 41 years of alcohol and drug use and abuse

By John G Tyce and John Tyce and Alison Jack
Introduction I first saw John Tyce, or Long John as I likes to call him,  in the dock at Chelmsford Magistrates Court when it was held in the Shire Hall and he looked pretty messed up, homeless and hopeless.  I got to know John when I was covering the courts daily for the Essex Chronicle and we used to chat in between his spells behind bars and ASBO breaking. I soon realised that behind his bravado was a really decent fella, if only he could renounce the demon drink and devilish drugs. He became a regular visitor to the court and latterly Chelmsford Crown Court after repeatedly calling Chelmsford Police Station in New Street threatening to kill a Chief Inspector while under the influence - I thought he's life would end in tears as it did for many who appeared time and again in front of the beak.  When I heard a rumour that John had given up drink and drugs back in 2008 I did not believe it. So I  made contact and discovered that he was in his right mind, he had totally reformed and got involved with Alcoholics Anonymous, taking friends to meetings and was on a mission to save the lost, as he once was. I love his favourite saying - "When you come off drink and drugs you become the person you were meant to be." What took you so long, John! Cap'n Roger Highseas CRHnews.co.uk
ISBN: 9781784078362
Type: Paperback
Pages: 417
Published: 2 July 2014
Price: $14.45

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