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I was ask to write my life story by a court reporter who was to become a good friend as he saw me in court during the 44 court appearances I had at first I said no but when he ask me again I had just had major surgery on my leg so I thought OK this will be easy I had never done it before but as soon I started my motive was to give a message about the power of alcohol so I had to carry on I had to do it in 3 books as there was so much in there I have finished part 1 and part 2 and I hope I can squeeze the rest into part 3 as alcohol took my to some dark places although I say today I enjoyed my drinking and drugging in 10 years in part 3 I was to be in court 44 times and prison 11 times and homeless for 3 years all in 10 years

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Part 2 will be easier for me as I have learnt a lot and that will be 1983 onwards when I was coming to the end of my heroin addiction to 1995. Part 3 where I move to Essex and I accumulated another 44 court conviction, 11 more prison sentences all from al....
ISBN: 9781784075002
Published: 10 March 2014
Introduction I would like to think as a result of writing this story that someone with or without an alcohol or drug problem or someone who knows someone with a problem could get some hope from my Story. If you read this story to the end without me boring....
ISBN: 9781784075279
Published: 18 March 2014
This is part 3 of my life story from 1995 until today I was in and out of court so many times which was very stressful being homeless for 3 years was made easier by the fact I had the greatest excuse in the world to drink I was homeless and being in and o....
ISBN: 9781784077655
Published: 6 June 2014
IntroductionI first saw John Tyce, or Long John as I likes to call him, in the dock atChelmsford Magistrates Court when it was held in the Shire Hall and helooked pretty messed up, homeless and hopeless. I got to know John when I was covering the courts d....
ISBN: 9781784078362
Published: 2 July 2014