The Giants are stirring in the Frozen Wastes. Have the demons breached the Ringwold? Leash is again a prisoner of the pirates. Can he keep the demon that infests him a secret from Osvaldo? However, the demon is being hunted and is set upon by other demons. Meanwhile, Cledwyn, having escaped the black sorcerer, Drudwynn, is forced to team up with the oriental wizard, Chong-An, and they flee into the Drikander. Shadra, the forest elf, and Ryn, the giant albatross, fly south with the Cragga in search of the lost spell to resurrect dragons. Thaddeus and Augusta lose each other in the fall through the mine's floor, and in the search for each other are forced into the Darkness in Griffin Town. Aidan and Beatrix follow, and Aidan is forced to make a decision that dismays his friends. Lord Tragen is dying in the cage in which he is incarcerated. If he dies then the desperate knowledge the young wizards need will die with him. And in Purgatory Lobos exults as his plans come to fruition. At the Wall of Colours Anders watches all as Mantovar is surrounded by demons.
ISBN: 9781782994138
Type: Paperback
Pages: 483
Published: 2 May 2013
Price: $14.45

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