The survivors of Sanctity flee on the Grim, leaving the body of Lord Tragen behind but, unknowingly, a shape-shifter and the plague travel with them. They make for Griffin Island where they will face revolt and the task of leading the islanders to safety. In the Scissor Mountains, Ryn, magical albatross, once again sees his friends, Shadra and Anselm, captured. Betrayed by the liosalfar they face death. The Cragga watches hoping to use the bird for her own ends. Meanwhile, in Southern Drakka, Chong-An, an overweight, oriental wizard, teams up with Elstan, another of the chancellor’s agents. They both flee the manic black sorcerers of the Guild of the Brethren of Wisdom. Chased through the mountains they take refuge in Mulkie’s Cross where they must locate a guide to take them through the Drikander. But the guide, Cledwyn, is about to be beheaded for heresy in front of the whole town. In the Onyx Islands Leash is enslaved by pirates and he comes to an understanding with his own demon—the vampyrus.
ISBN: 9781781762936
Type: Paperback
Pages: 520
Published: 15 April 2017
Price: $14.95

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