The Gateway

You are Aidan, a five-year old orphan boy living on the streets. You are stealing food when you are caught by an old wizard, Lord Tragen. All your short life you have been told never to trust wizards. However, you have never been able to understand the reasoning for this, for you are employing magic to feed yourself, although you have no idea how you are doing it! Lord Tragen invites you to become his apprentice and live with him in the castle of his liege lord. Again you are wary, but you agree, after all you can always run away, nevertheless the offer of decent food regularly eaten and a soft bed persuades you. Over the years a father-son relationship develops and you always seek Tragen’s company when you feel lonely or scared. But what both of you do not realize is, you will lead Lord Tragen’s soul into Hell and maybe leave him there. For you have one overriding ability that no other wizard will ever understand – you can speak with the dead! And then, coming home on the largest warship in the world, you gift your abilities to your friends and all Hell really does break out.
ISBN: 9781908481924
Type: Paperback
Pages: 506
Published: 11 June 2011
Price: $14.95

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