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I am married to Kath, a half-irish blonde. We have four children, three girls and a boy. We are also proud grandparents to two girls and four boys. I am a henpecked novelist having had the first two books of my trilogy "The Search" published. The first is "The Gateway" the second "Plague". Both are available on and at I am now writing the third and final part of this story. Until Warner Bros buy them I spend my working life as a security guard for one of the largest food manufacturers in Europe.

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The Giants are stirring in the Frozen Wastes. Have the demons breached the Ringwold? Leash is again a prisoner of the pirates. Can he keep the demon that infests him a secret from Osvaldo? However, the demon is being hunted and is set upon by other demons....
ISBN: 9781782994138
Published: 2 May 2013
The survivors of Sanctity flee on the Grim, leaving the body of Lord Tragen behind but, unknowingly, a shape-shifter and the plague travel with them. They make for Griffin Island where they will face revolt and the task of leading the islanders to safety.....
ISBN: 9781781762936
Published: 15 April 2017
You are Aidan, a five-year old orphan boy living on the streets. You are stealing food when you are caught by an old wizard, Lord Tragen. All your short life you have been told never to trust wizards. However, you have never been able to understand the re....
ISBN: 9781908481924
Published: 11 June 2011