Invasion of the Zernoplat:Resolution

An invasion force has landed on Earth. The dreaded Zernoplat kill men by spraying a deadly mustard-coloured gas, dissolving those it touches without damaging property or any other form of life. To appease them, the world council, led by the triumvirate, have allotted space to them on the islands of Anglesey and Guam. Just as all seems settled a second wave of vessels arrives on Earth in Australia, after firstly engaging most of the Zernoplat fleet in space. The second arrival is by a matriarchal society of bipedal teal-coloured females. They are sworn enemies of the Zernoplat. Certain disabled humans who have become vital again courtesy of the Zernoplat after undergoing a process called Zernoforming have gone to greet the newest invaders to conduct a peace treaty with them. Thay are led by Major Quinn, who in the past had been a staunch ally of the Zernoplat. Upon meeting the beautiful Tealon, Quinn begins to question his allegiances, even as the negotiations are under way. The Zernoplat had Consolidated their invasion on Earth. The Tealon were strangely quiet, none knew where the Zernoan leader was. Had the Zernoplat succeeded in their goal? Was the fall of Earth imminent?
ISBN: 9781803020051
Type: Paperback
Pages: 326
Published: 4 June 2021
Price: $11.40

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