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The S S Kuninkaalinen Mesätäjä spends 990 years in interstellar space before arriving in the Kepler system. Struck by a meteor it is forced to crash land on one of only two islands on a world covered 85% with a deep ocean. Safely roused from suspended ani....
ISBN: 9781803020020
Published: 2 June 2021
The Zernoplat are Coming!!! They are going to invade Earth and nothing can stop them. Run for your lives. Aaargghhh
ISBN: 9781803020037
Published: 4 June 2021
Volume two in this exciting trilogy sees mankind still battling the deadly Zernoplat.Could this be the end for all humanoid lifeforms?
ISBN: 9781803020044
Published: 4 June 2021
An invasion force has landed on Earth. The dreaded Zernoplat kill men by spraying a deadly mustard-coloured gas, dissolving those it touches without damaging property or any other form of life. To appease them, the world council, led by the triumvirate, h....
ISBN: 9781803020051
Published: 4 June 2021
"Is there room for another mind in my brain though"? the Exec had inquired.The good doctor had laughed at that,"Although almost all parts of you brain are used at one time or another much of it is not used until needed. Those areas are where the omega wil....
ISBN: 9781839459900
Published: 4 June 2021
A TWISTED TALE FROM START TO FINISHOrang-U-Can, by Gloria Trubbshore, is a twisted tale, seemingly an innocuous story about the daughter of the wealthiest man on Earth, who takes over managing their failing football (soccer for North American readers) tea....
ISBN: 9781803020471
Published: 30 June 2021
When the Wight discover that an insignificant planet orbiting a small star on the edge of the solar system is about to become too advanced technologically, they resolve to do something about it! Great Fun - Major Roxbrough Newton Gazette. Once again Miss ....
ISBN: 9781803020327
Published: 23 June 2021
In Gloria Trubbshore's latest thrilling dystopian novel, the ruling party of the newly formed Anglo-welsh Assembly make up the Moral Party. Their manifesto - to eradicate immoral behaviour of every sort. Their first act of parliament passes the Hood Bill.....
ISBN: 9781803021119
Published: 19 August 2021