Mrs Meggins from the Pie Shop

A dead man is revived to save humanity from evil aliens Nik Gehenna announces the release of ‘Mrs. Meggins from the Pie Shop’ DONCASTER, England – Nik Gehenna returns to the literary limelight with the release of “Mrs. Meggins from the Pie Shop”, a novel charting the adventures of a dead man who gains super powers. Tod Sellers was pronounced dead — until an insectivorous alien revives him to fight their enemy. Now, Tod must journey to an alternative layer of the multiverse in an effort to save humanity from the control of evil beings. “Taking death as a beginning instead of an end, I expanded on the concept using my imagination. While I was writing it in my office Mrs. Meggins was with me all the time, she is a real cat and belongs to me. I am also a photographer and used some of my feelings to inspire the central character,” Gehenna shares, on his inspiration in penning the novel. “Mrs. Meggins from the Pie Shop” offers a fresh twist on the superhero narration in modern fiction, as it tackles human reanimation, invasion by insectivore and even the possibility of more than one reality. “The people in the book are very ordinary people thrown suddenly into a fantastic scenario,” Gehenna says. He aims that through “Mrs. Meggins from the Pie Shop,” readers will be entertained. “Mrs. Meggins from the Pie Shop” By Nik Gehenna
ISBN: 9781803022291
Type: Paperback
Pages: 232
Published: 23 October 2021
Price: $12.27

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