‘Being broken shouldn’t make us ashamed of who and what we are … We need to stand up amidst the brokenness, with praise, in prayer, knowing God accepts us with unconditional love, just the way we are.’ This is a refreshingly open and honest book, deeply personal and moving. The author’s relationship with God was forged in the fire of Experience, and in sharing, emulates the beginnings of what we know today as The Salvation Army. With a PhD in Life, she offers an inspirational journey of faith, including her own hymns, prayers, paintings and pictures, demonstrating God as the strongest influence, the one constant. William Booth, Founder of The Salvation Army worldwide, with Catherine his wife, began their ministry in the London slums, discovering people listened, identifying when experiences were shared. It brought people together, opening their hearts, allowing God into their darkness - a powerhouse of liberating Love, calling them to become one of His own. The legacy of William and Catherine Booth is celebrated at Filey Salvation Army, where the author is an Adherent. This book is written in gratitude to them for life’s greatest gift – to love and to be loved … just as I am.
ISBN: 9781788761925
Type: Paperback
Pages: 276
Published: 15 January 2018
Price: $12.95

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