Please Don't Hurt Me Any More ...

'Violence happens over the little things ...' 'He says it's me. I'm going crazy!' 'I need to ask permission for everything ...' 'He says I'm special, but I don't like the things he does to me.' There are four kinds of abuse - physical, mental, emotional, sexual. Behind the closed doors of Home it is a secret world of domination, control and fear that goes on affecting families for generations. This is an advice book, illustrated through personal experience, offering practical steps to help yourself. It covers the spectrum of abuse and related issues - living with abuse, preparing to leave, children affected by experience, Post Traumatic Stress, debt, living alone, entering a second loving relationship. On a positive note, it also explores ways of breaking the taboo, making abuse a social rather than a personal issue, raising public awareness, looking at changes that need to happen for the future, and places to go for guidance, help and support. Abuse is a topical issue of our times.
ISBN: 9781782994596
Type: Paperback
Pages: 333
Published: 20 May 2013
Price: $12.95

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