RAF 100 GROUP - Reasons to Remember

This year, 2018, is the 100th Year of the Royal Air Force. It also marks the 75th Anniversary of the formation of a vital Group without which we would not have won the Second World War – RAF No.100 (Bomber Support) Group. Today, this Group remains relatively unknown. Hundreds of men and women were involved, feeding and receiving information to and from Bletchley Park and the Y-Service, with airmen flying operations deep into the heart of Germany. Too many veterans have taken their secrets to the grave. Rather than letting them become forgotten we should be honouring their commitment and courage, celebrating their achievements in this, their 75th Anniversary Year. By Autumn/Winter 1942, air battles over Germany were critical. Losses of RAF bombers had reached an all-time high against increasing effectiveness of the German Air Defence system. Something drastic was called for. It came in the form of this specialist Group responsible for operational development, application and co-ordination of all Radar Countermeasure programmes, from the air and from the ground. Formed in November 1943, RAF No.100 (Bomber Support) Group was based on airfields across Norfolk. While its people remained within the main RAF, they were set apart from it; specially chosen for unique visionary work and operations, which ultimately defeated the enemy, giving us the freedom, we enjoy today. The U.S. 36th Bomb Squadron, 8th Air Force, brought vital aircraft from the States, living and working alongside RAF 100 Group, flying combined operations, identifying and jamming enemy Radar, mis-directing potential attacks and targets, working with the Resistance, dropping and collecting SOE Agents, and so much more. This evocative book evidences the impact RAF 100 Group had in the global theatre of war, offering a unique and telling insight into what was happening prior to its inception, sharing the wartime journey of those who served under it. It is written as an urgent response to veterans who survived the war, yet believe they are ‘forgotten heroes’, letting them know we admire and respect them. To their families and friends seeking answers to what a loved one did in wartime, it offers a fascinating glimpse into times past, asking that finally we give the recognition and reward they so richly deserve. The book includes rare RAF 100 Group photographs, as well as maps, diagrams, illustrations of the day, etc. We WILL Remember Them!
ISBN: 9781788764971
Type: Paperback
Pages: 416
Published: 23 August 2018
Price: $14.45

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