Love on the Rocks

LOVE ON THE ROCKS A STORY OF LOVE, BETRAYAL AND MURDER Seventeen-year-old Ellie Armstrong always believed her father died a hero in the war, but when her mother is murdered in a dark alleyway the truth comes to light. Leaving her home in the north of England she moves to London to find him but with scant information the task is more difficult than she realised. Working in Oscar Delaney’s bookstore she meets the handsome and charismatic Will Spencer and is instantly attracted to him and she falls in love. When her love seems unrequited she seeks solace in the arms of Raymond Sinclair but that has unforeseen consequences. Oscar is a constant support to her but he too has his secrets. Several failed relationships later Ellie knows the only man for her is Will and just when she believes there is hope for them there is another twist of fate. Will Ellie ever know love and happiness? And will she ever find her father?
ISBN: 9781803023441
Type: Paperback
Pages: 416
Published: 10 February 2022
Price: $14.45

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