Secrets and Lies

BOOK TWO AN EPIC SAGA BEGINNING WITH FORGOTTEN NICOLA 2010 Heartbroken by the death of her beloved grandmother, Nicola tries to move on with her life. But Agnes’ past with all its terrible secrets and lies will not rest. Not when her mother Grace is determined to try and find her long lost baby. The child that Agnes forced her to give away. The sister she never knew existed until a few months ago. With limited information they set off to Paris. Meanwhile with her wedding only weeks away, she begins to suspect her fiancé Andy is getting cold feet. MIA 1999 Left crippled by a car accident, sixteen-year-old Mia moves from her home in Paris to Spain where she recuperates with the help of her childhood friend, Felipe. Whilst there she finds a hidden journal written by a woman who was apparently her grandmother. A woman who died long before she was born. Appalled by what she reads, she confronts her mother only to be told the awful truth. The discovery shatters her young life and she hides away unable to face her family, wanting nothing to do with them. But fate decrees otherwise and when she is forced to confront Nicola and Grace, her bitterness and anger cause an even deeper rift. Can the secrets and lies that have torn the family apart ever be redeemed? Or is it too late for forgiveness?
ISBN: 9781839453809
Type: Paperback
Pages: 390
Published: 22 July 2020
Price: $12.95

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