MEGAN: LONDON 1990 After her mother is killed in a road accident Megan discovers a shocking secret. She has always assumed that she is the sole heir to her mother’s property and is stunned when the solicitor informs her that the will is being contested. A previously unheard of aunt is demanding entitlement to everything she owns, claiming that Megan was illegally adopted. Driving to Yorkshire to confront her, nothing prepares Megan for the truth as she learns that her mother’s life has been one of lies and betrayal, built on deceit and greed. CELIA: YORKSHIRE 1958 Celia has no compunction when she steals her sister’s fiancé, even though it breaks Esther’s heart. She wants Robert for herself, she wants the wealthy life style he can provide and to live in his large country house and never have to work again. Robert believes Celia’s web of lies especially when she tells him she is carrying his child. Marriage to Robert is short-lived when a disaster occurs leaving her a wealthy widow. As her life begins to unravel, Celia, desperate to keep her inheritance, commits a crime. However when that illegal act is about to be discovered she flees to London. Years later as her past misdeeds threaten to expose her a visit back to Yorkshire has fatal consequences. Now as Megan delves into her mother’s past and learns of her extraordinary life can she learn to forgive?
ISBN: 9781786108081
Type: Paperback
Pages: 406
Published: 15 March 2016
Price: $14.45

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