MCC (Muddlecombe Cricket Club)

Dr Rammittin Chutnabuttee, University College Hospital, Jodhpur (failed) was always destined for Muddlecombe-cum-Snoring. This picturesque village twinned with Shangri La and Brigadoon is home to Chekov Yeboleksi; (ex head of KGB Interrogation, now running the Russian mafia) Boris Slobovitch, Chekov's retired hit man; Mildred O'Riley now in love with Chekov and her husband Lt Col Creighky O'Riley, currently under diplomatic immunity in Botswana where he meets a Somali beauty called Xalwo and also Dr Rammy's long lost uncle Krishna, who heads up the Botswana Cricket Association who invites his nephew's team out for a game of cricket. Boris' diamond company is low on stock until Xalwo dangles some juicy carats in front of them. Chekov flies out to set up a deal with not only diamonds but marriages of convenience. How do they nearly derail the Angolan peace talks? Why does Creighky get kidnapped? How do they get mixed up with the real MCC? How do they get the diamonds back to Muddlecombe? Who the hell is Mrs Dimmock? Bringing in Gerantinium O'Deighty III, Sharon and Tracey, two undercover CID ladies and Pinky and Pongo from the MCC now would probably really confuse the issue, unless of course you read the book!
ISBN: 9781908147127
Type: Paperback
Pages: 340
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.95

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