Primrose Cottagexx

The villagers of Muddlecombe-cum-Snoring were perplexed as a Spitfire flew over their sun drenched hay fields and a load of strangers went into Primrose Cottage: the Head of the Russian Mafia; his minder Boris "Seven Bellies" Slobovitch; two undercover CID policewomen; a London Solicitor and the young doctor newly arrived from India. And what was Captain Creighky O'Riley MC doing on a murder charge in Moscow together with the village idiot "Dense" Dimmock? And what was his Mum, Mrs Dimmock, going to do for her committee meetings in lieu of Primrose Cottage? And what was the village Postmistress and Church warden doing in a brothel in Tenerife whirling her knickers in the air singing "Jerusalem"? And why did she, with all her girlfriends from Muddlecombe, end up in as high as kites in Amsterdam? And what was going to happen to the village drains, not to mention the church roof? And will Gerantinium O┬┤Deighty III, chairman of Mrs Dimmock's Interplanetary Standards and Ethics Committee, be getting an inside toilet? Questions, questions? Just read the bloody book!
ISBN: 9781907986635
Type: Paperback
Pages: 330
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.95