MY LIFE is written with the express desire of telling the world of my confined condition, my struggles, and my contentious nature brought about by a world antipathetic and antithetical to my (almost) every desire: a 'social' world, that is, that is more man-made than anything we can find in history. In this life of myself I try to show myself, "warts 'n all", to use the words of Cromwell, for I wish to make it clear that true thought and even grandeur can arise from the most unexpected places and from the most varied backgrounds. I hope to finish another volume of this somewhat tormented life sometime in the near future. I feel I must explain the nuts and bolts of my thinking power and its premise. And by showing my background and its peculiarities I try the almost impossible, that is, to rectify a pride in myself untarnished by politics and religion. These last have seeped into our very natures so much that we are unaware of them. Yet they strike like hammer-blows at our every step which tests the social ground that is everywhere taken for granted. My loves and longings I depict as best I can for they seemed to decide my fate.
ISBN: 9781839451898
Type: Paperback
Pages: 502
Published: 27 August 2020
Price: $11.33

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