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Beyond God and Dawkins begins with the assumption that the very idea of God as he has been imagined or portrayed in all past religions, is obsolete, but that science was so tinged by religion and theology that it has hardly found its feet even now. That t....
ISBN: 9781786979803
Published: 1 September 2017
CONTENTION: The True Story of Politics and Religion, explains how man has evolved top-heavy with politics and religion so much so that his very nature, which only tended that way, was tarnished to such an extent that all his political and religious assump....
ISBN: 9781839454134
Published: 2 September 2020
MY LIFE is written with the express desire of telling the world of my confined condition, my struggles, and my contentious nature brought about by a world antipathetic and antithetical to my (almost) every desire: a 'social' world, that is, that is more m....
ISBN: 9781839451898
Published: 27 August 2020