Beyond God and Dawkins

Beyond God and Dawkins begins with the assumption that the very idea of God as he has been imagined or portrayed in all past religions, is obsolete, but that science was so tinged by religion and theology that it has hardly found its feet even now. That the Scientific mind and the religious mind are not really so far apart is an assumption with which this book concurs. The idea that evolution was the mainspring of religion in the development of human association and civilization, is an idea so pregnant with social progressive possibilities that it reaches far above every religious or progressive supposition so far. It outstrips the Ubermensch conception. But this one book does not go far enough. It implies many conclusions to outworn arguments. It introduces the essentials necessary to understand the possibilities inherent in the social progress mentioned earlier. It denies the attack sustained by the concept 'Progress' by any, ancient or modern, conceptual comprehension of finality. But it also denies 'purpose' except the purpose developed by life itself, in this instance, human life.
ISBN: 9781786979803
Type: Paperback
Pages: 654
Published: 10 June 2024
Price: $14.79

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